Dosimetric Assessment System (DASY) is a robot-based high precision electromagnetic (EM) near-field scanning platform that was first introduced in 1994. Since then, more than 800 systems have been installed worldwide. DASY8, the 8th generation of DASY, is the most precise and advanced flexible scanning platform for testing compliance with any national (e.g., FCC, CENELEC) and international guidelines, standards, and regulations (e.g., IEC, IEEE, ICNIRP) and for a wide range of R&D measurement tasks related to EM exposure from 3 kHz to 110 GHz. Several application-specific hardware and software modules are available for DASY8. The DASY8 Modules offer optimal solutions for any near-field tasks and are continuously updated to meet the latest regulatory and research requirements. they are tightly coupled with the co-developed premier simulation platform Sim4Life for advanced computational life science research and effective device development (ZMT Zurich MedTech AG, member of the Z43 alliance). DASY83D is a full integration of the cSAR3D system with any of the DASY8 Modules, offering a combined system that seamlessly transitions from automated SAR pre-screening with cSAR3D to full evaluations using the gold standard DASY8.