Electromagnetic Exposure Acquisition

Electromagnetic Exposure Acquisition System

EASY6 is a complete redesign of SPEAG's widely used Electromagnetic (EM) Exposure Acquisition System EASY4MRI. EASY6 is smaller, more cost-efficient, and connects up to 16 of our classic probes, including E/H-field, dosimetric, and temperature probes, via an optical link (EASY6-DAE + EASY6-EoF + EASY6-RU) to the computer. EASY6 is designed to operate anywhere, even in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and EM hostile environments.

Examples of general applications include:
•  Measurements in hostile EM field environments
•  Free-space fields, dosimetry, and temperature evaluation
•  Short and long-time high precision field monitoring
•  High precision EM field measurements in reverberation chambers, anechoic chambers, open test sites, clinical environments or EMC laboratories
•  Validation of simulation results (e.g., Sim4Life)
Examples of MRI applications include:
•  MRI compliance testing
•  Assessment of occupational exposure to EM fields around MRI equipment
•  SAR and temperature evaluations of implantable medical devices