The AN-BI-0320P is a broad-band linearly polarized antenna. The antenna is a combination of bi-conical and log-periodic elements and is engineered to cover the frequency range of the combination (20-2000 MHz). The antenna is suitable for use as an EMI test antenna, for compliance measurements as per most regulatory requirements, covering a frequency range that would otherwise require three separate conventional antennae to cover the same frequency range. Typical applications of the antenna includes EMC radiated emissions / immunity, site surveys, shielding effectiveness, field monitoring among others. The antenna is available with N Type female termination. The antenna can be mounted using a 22mm diameter stock, compatible with most EMC masts. Threaded mounting adaptors are also available optionally


1.  Bicon-log Antenna for EMC /EMI Testing & Tx / Rx applications
2.  Frequency Range : 20MHz – 2GHz
3.  Impedance - 50Ω (Nominal))
4.  Individual calibration as per ANSI 63.5/ CISPR 16-1-6
5.  One year standard warranty


Model AN-BI-0320P
Frequency Range 20 – 2000 MHz
Antenna Factor (dB/m) 4 – 35 (dB/m)
Max Continuous Power 10 W
Polarisation Linear
Connector Type N Type Female
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1100 x 1520 x 510 mm
Weight ~4 Kg
Environmental -20°C to +40°C
Mounting 22mm diameter tube
Applications Radiated Emission/ Immunity, SE, Site Surveys