4G/5G Interference Source Location

4G/5G Interference Source Location

RF Interference Hunting

Multiple Sets of Interference hunting and Direction-Finding Equipment with integrated software are available to mitigate and identify the source of All types of External RF interference in any band from 9KHz to 24 GHz. BNN has successfully carried out several such assignments.


RF Interference Hunting BNN has enabled identification and localisation of Interference source upto 6GHz for all technologies PAN India for Airtel, Idea, NOKIA and Ericsson.


Ques:What are the types of interference observed?
Ans:Interference could be classified as Internal or External. Ques:What is internal interference? Ans:The internal interference can be caused by own system on same tower e.g. Inter-Modulation effects. The External interference could be in Downlink or Uplink. Please refer to the Passive Intermodulation Services for details. Internal & External PIM
Ques:What is external interference?
Ans:The external interference in downlink could be due to Over-reach due to Frequency re-use or Caused by external source radiating on same frequency, Jammers etc. The external Uplink interference could be Caused by un-authorised Repeaters used by individuals to improve coverage, by Intermodulation products or due to Harmonics of other signals
Ques:How to you locate an external interferer? Ans:Locating an interferer primarily involves -Understanding the spectrum scenario around the victim station, measuring the interfering signal at suitable locations around the victim location. Thereafter the interfering signal is classified based on Spectral characteristics (frequency, bandwidth, level), Time characteristics (intermittent / continuous etc.) and Frame Structure if possible. Subsequently, directional antenna and mapping software is used to identify the direction of maximum signal. The measurement is repeated at two more locations (200-300m) from the site. Using Triangulation and mapping software, possible interferer location can be pin pointed.
Ques: What are the resources necessary to locate external interference?
Ans: Suitable Spectrum Interference Hunter equipment which includes a spectrum analyser, Integrated Interference software including Mapping and GPS interface, Direction Finding Antenna band Pass and Band Stop Filters. The equipment needs to be operated by trained and skilled Engineers with requisite experience