The ANB-0230 is a bi-conical dipole antenna, specially designed for EMC/EMI compliance testing in accordance with ANSI/CISPR/SAE ARP test standards. The ruggedized aluminium - cage dipole construction is precision manufactured and tested to conform to the requirements of the standards, with respect to dimensions, antenna factor and symmetry. An integrated low loss 200:50Ω bal-un, inside the antenna ensures a good impedance match between the antenna elements and the end connector, over a wide range of frequencies. The antenna is designed for 30 – 300 MHz, but is usable down to 20 MHz The antenna can be used for Radiation Emissions, Normalized Site Attenuation (NSA), Shielding Effectiveness (SE) and other electro-magnetic (EM) field measurement applications.


1.  Bi-Conical Antenna for EMC /EMI Testing
2.  Frequency Range : 30 – 300 MHz
3.  Impedance - 50Ω (Nominal)
4.  Precision construction
5.  Material - Aluminium
6.  Individual calibration as per ANSI 63.5 / SAE ARP 958


Model ANB-0230
Frequency Range 30 – 300 MHz
Impedance 50 Ω
Antenna Factor (dB/m) 7 – 25 (dB/m)
Symmetry < 1dB
Max input Power 10 watt
Polarisation Linear (V/H)
Connector Type N female
Dimensions 1320 X 865 mm
Weight 2.0 Kg
Environmental -20°C to +40°C
Mounting 22mm diameter tube
Applications Radiated Emissions, NSA, SE, EM Field monitoring.