4G/5G Spectrum Cleaning

4G/5G Spectrum Cleaning

Spectrum scan activity is taken up prior setting up of Cellular networks. BNN has several calibrated Test kits which can be deployed anywhere in India on as required basis for:-
• Green Field Spectrum
• Reassignment


Spectrum Scanning

BNN has succesfully carried out Spectrum Scanning at PAN India for several customers.


Ques:What is Spectrum Scanning?
Ans:Spectrum scan activity is taken up prior setting up of Cellular networks. It is more relevant for the cases wherein the band allotted is to be checked for presence of interference in the specific area.

Ques:What equipment is used for Spectrum Scanning?
Ans:A special setup comprising a highly sensitive spectrum analyser with an omnidirectional antenna with associated software is utilised for Spectrum Scanning

Ques:How is Spectrum Scanning different from Interference Hunting?
Ans:Interference hunting is carried out for a specific site for specific case and conditions whereas the Spectrum Scanning is carried out for a large area for allocated band and not for a specific site.

Ques:What are reports generated after completion of Spectrum Scan activity?
Ans:Post completion of Spectrum scan activity detailed signal strength plots and map indicating received signal levels in the desired bands are indicated. Also the areas where there is a likelihood of interference is also indicated.