BNN Offers calibration and measurements of shielding rooms, semi anechoic chambers, fully anechoic rooms and other test sites used for EMC measurements between 9 KHz to 40 GHz.

The onsite testing/measurement of Shielding Effectiveness is carried out as per following scope:-

  • IEEE 299: 2006.
  • Enclosures and boxes having all dimensions between 0.75m to 2m as per IEEE 299.1: 2013.
  • Appendix A of MIL Std. 188-125.2: 3 Mar 1999.

Shielding Effectiveness

BNN has carried out Shielding Effectivenesss measurements for following two SAR Laboratories in Delhi NCR:-

Presentation on Shileding Effectiveness Measurements

Flyer on Shileding Effectiveness

SITE VSWR Measurements !!

EMI test sites for radiated emission measurements in the 1 GHz to 18 GHz Require site validation by measurement of site voltage standing wave ratio (SVSWR), which is the ratio of the maximum received signal to the minimum received signal caused by interference between direct (intended) and reflected signals. There are two different approaches for showing compliance with the acceptance criterion:

  • The SVSWR method in line with CISPR 16-1-4
  • The new time domain SVSWR (TD SVSWR) method in line with the ANSI C63.25 (Draft stage)
BNN is presently equipped to undertake site VSWR measurements in accordance with TD SVSWR method as indicated above.
Shielding Effectiveness