EMR Division, BNN Communication Engineers (BNNEMR) undertakes calibration of Semi Anechoic chambers, Fully Anechoic Rooms (FAR) and other test sites for EMC measurements. This activity requires specialised equipment like antennae, Vector Network Analyser, signal generators, Field Probe, amplifiers, attenuators and more importantly qualified and trained persons to undertake it

BNNEMR provides following services:-

  • Shielding Effectiveness 17025 accredited measurement (9KHz-40GHz) for Anechoic, Semi Anechoic Chambers, Shield Rooms/Enclosures, MRI rooms, secure buildings and defence installations etc

  • Normalised Site Attenuation(NSA) Measurements (30MHz to 1GHz) to determine suitability of a Semi Anechoic Chamber or an Open Area Test Site for undertaking the Radiated Emissions test as per CISPR 16-1-4

  • sVSWR measurements (1-18GHz) to validate the Semi Anechoic Chamber or Open Area test site for radiated measurements as per CISPR 16-1-4

  • Field Uniformity measurements(FU) (80MHz-18GHz) to validate test sites for radiated immunity measurements

  • Modelled Long Wire (ALSE) Measurement (150KHz-1GHz) to confirm conductivity and grounding of a mettalic test table used in automotive EMC measurements wihtin an Absorber Lined Shielded Enclosure (ALSE)

BNN Complete Brochure

Flyer on Shileding Effectiveness

NABL/17025 Accreditation Certificate with Scope