Transmission Network Planning

CW Testing and Model Tuning      
CW Testing and Model tuning is available for all wireless technologies (2G, 3G, 4G and 5G). Several calibrated Test kits are available which can be deployed anywhere in India on as required basis.

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Spectrum Scanning      

Spectrum scan activity is taken up prior setting up of Cellular networks. BNN has several calibrated Test kits which can be deployed anywhere in India on as required basis for:-

  • Green Field Spectrum
  • Reassignment

  • Spectrum Scanning at Rajkot ...>
    RF Interference Hunting      
    Multiple Sets of Interference hunting and Direction Finding Equipment with integrated software are available to mitigate and identify the source of All types of External RF interference in any band from 9KHz to 24 GHz. BNN has succesfully carried out several such assignments.

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    Internal & External PIM      
    BNN has the skill, competence and the equipment to hunt internal as well as external PIM for 2G, 3G and LTE based systems FAQ
    Transmission Planning      

    Several transmission planning activities have been undertaken as listed below:-

  • RF Network Planning
  • Transmission Planning on Turnkey basis
  • Capacity Planning
  • Frequency Planning
  • Transmission Network Optimisation
  • Transmission Network Interference Source hunting
  • Optimisation of existing network
  • LOS Survey
  • LOS Audit
  • Shielding Effectiveness Measurements

    Chamber Shielding Measurements      

    BNN has recently commissioned a new Laboratory with necessary RF equipment (inclusive of Signal Generator, Spectrum Analyser, Dipoles, Bi conical Antennae, Magnetic Dipoles, horns, amplifiers and other accesories) to measure shielding affectiveness of anechoic chambers, shielded rooms and enclosures from 9KHz to 40GHz.

    The Shielding Effectiveness measurements are carried out in accordance with following standards:-

  • IEEE 299:2006
  • IEEE 299.1:2013
  • Mil Std 188-125-2:1999
  • BNN has already undertaken these measurements for few Government Agencies including one from DoT/TEC and private laboratories

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    Regulatory Services

    WPC Clearance      

    Following services are provided with regards to WPC clearances:-

  • Import License
  • Equipment Type Approval
  • In principle Frequency Assignment
  • Operating License
  • Turnkey SACFA
  • Sample Import License from WPC>
    Sample ETA from WPC>
    TEC Approval and Coordination      

    Following TEC related services are provided:-

  • Certificate of Approval
  • Type Approvals
  • Complete assistance including liaison is provided.

    TEC guidelines on Certificate of Approval >
    TEC guidelines on Type Approval >
    SACFA Approval      

    Following services with regards to SACFA are provided:-

  • Filling up of relevant applications online
  • Submission of documents & maps at WPC
  • Follow up and answer any queries from WPC till the clearances are received
  • Sample SACFA NOC>
    BIS Approvals      

    Registration of electronic equipment under the Compulsory Registration Scheme of BIS is undertaken

    The procedure involves appointment of Indian representative, submission of product to testing lab for testing and getting test report, applying for BIS certification, grant of registration and thereafter lastly renewal of regsitration as and when necessary. The procedure requires several iterations and interactions with the BIS authorities. BNN undertakes the entire activity on turnkey basis and has done the same for a number of customers

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    TEC Certification      

    BNN is fully geared up to undertake mandatory certification of telecom equipment (Gazette Notification on Mandatory Testing >) by TEC in accordance with the amended telegraph act.

    As per the new procedure, every Telecom Equipment being imported into India has to be certified by TEC through its online portal with effect from 01 Oct 2018 failing which the item would not be cleared by customs. Further, testing in Indian Labs would also be mandatory commencing 21 Mar 2018.

    BNN has been attending several meetings related to mandatory testing and has excellent liaison with TEC to undertake certification of telecom equipment.

    BNN is already operating a state of the art 17025 accredited SAR laboratory which is also a TEC CAB.

    EMF measurements

    EMF Measurements      

    The EMF measurements are carried out using calibrated kits and in accordance with the TEC GRs and guidelines. Following services with regards to EMF measurements are provided:-

  • Certification of Radiation from Mobile Towers as per TEC standards
  • EMF measurements for operators
  • Narrowband, Broadband, Calculation
  • EMF certification of smeltering plants
  • Inventory of NARDA R&S Tools
  • SAR Laboratories

    SAR Laboratory      

    Turnkey installation of SAR laboratories is undertaken which involves:-

  • Supplied and installed DASY 52, cDASY6 and cSAR3D Fast SAR measurement systems
  • DAK/DAK TL system for measuring liquid properties
  • Faraday Cage Chamber
  • Dasy
    Training and Technical Support      

    Training and technical support for SAR laboratories which could involve following:-

  • Setup and operate SAR Laboratories
  • Technical Support
  • Documentation
  • Calibration
  • Training for SAR testing and Measurements
  • Calibration


    Calibration services are provided as detailed below:-

  • Accredited calibration of EMF Meters (NARDA,AGILENT AND R&S)
  • Spectrum Analysers
  • Receivers
  • Scanners
  • Signal Generators
  • GNSS Generators
  • RF Shield Boxes
  • Transmitters
  • Mobile phones
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    Calibration Facilities at BNN ...>

    Airport Authority of India Obstacle Clearance

    Airport Authority of India Obstacle Clearance      

    BNN has skilled and trained resources along with harware and software to undertake following services:-

  • Obstacle Limiting Survey (OLS)
  • NOC from AAI in respect of Multi storey buildings, Towers/Chimneys and other high rise structures

  • BNN has proprietary software NOCAF ( NOC Airfield) for ascertaining the obstacle height with respect to the limiting surfaces as per ICAO (Annexure 14).

    BNN also has Qualified and trained Engineer (From Air sight Germany). Several sets of Survey instruments are also available.

    Sample OLS Report ...>


    Accredited Testing Services      

    Mandatory Testing of Telecom equipment.
    The Government of India has recently amended the Indian Telegraph Act vide Amendment Rules, 2017, which provides that every telecom equipment must undergo prior mandatory testing and certification. The testing is to be carried out by Indian Accredited Labs and based upon their test reports, certificate shall be issued by TEC. This includes SAR testing of all mobile phones and body worn devices.

    Gazette Notification on Mandatory Testing >

    Following accredited testing services are provided by BNN:-

  • SAR LAB India Testing 62209-1, 62209-2, IEEE 1528
  • TEC Conformity Assessment Body (CAB)
  • DoT SAR Compliance
  • TEC Handset Compliance
  • Random Audit of Self Certified Mobile Handsets
  • SAR Measurement for 2G, 3G, 4G in 800MHz, 900MHz, 1800 MHz & 2100MHz
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