Sim4Life is a revolutionary simulation platform, combining computable human phantoms with the most powerful physics solvers and the most advanced tissue models, for directly analyzing biological real-world phenomena and complex technical devices in a validated biological and anatomical environment. The Sim4Life platform also offers leading performance with all the features expected from a multiphysics CAE/TCAD platform.

Sim4Life natively supports the Virtual Population ViP 3.0 models that include integrated posing and morphing tools. Other publicly available animal and human anatomical models are also supported. All tissues are linked to a continually updated physical properties database.

In order to facilitate students, Sim4Life light has been created specifically for better understanding of computational modeling and simulations for various topics, ranging from wireless communication to medical applications. The license is available free-of-charge to students enrolled at registered universities and may be renewed annually up to one year after the student has left the university.

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Sim4Life light