CSAR3D is the most advanced system for conducting fast, high-precision SAR measurements of wireless devices for testing compliance with national and international safety guidelines. The system is compliant with the latest draft of IEC 62209-3 and with all fast SAR protocols (e.g., IEC 62209-2 and IEEE 1528). SPEAG is working closely with regulators to achieve early regulatory acceptance.

The user-friendly cSAR3D system is equipped with superior and powerful technology including a unique sensor probe array, advanced 3D reconstruction algorithms using amplitude and phase information, state-of-the-art fast data acquisition, and tight integration of base station simulators. Compliance testing is now faster and easier than ever with high accuracy within one second, ensuring a quicker entry of your new wireless products in a highly competitive marketFour phantom geometries are available: cSAR3D Left Head and Right Head, cSAR3D Flat (Head or Body medium), and the cSAR3D Quad for testing large devices, such as laptops and base station antennas.

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CSAR 3D Demo Video