Calibration of EMF Field Hazard Meters (E.g. NARDA)

20 August 2016.

BNNSPEAG Test & Calibration Laboratory (INDIA) Pvt. Ltd. is pleased to announce the inauguration of its NABL Accredited calibration facility (first in INDIA) for calibrating all types of mobile tower EMF radiation hazard meters.

Regular Calibration is important to maintain high measurement accuracy in the long run.BNNSPEAG carries out calibration of EMF sensors based on IEEE std 1309:2013 using transfer standard method, in which a transfer standard probe identical to the one being calibrated and having traceability to a national standard laboratory is used. The transfer standard probe is used to measure and calibrate the field which is setup for calibrating the field sensor or the probe under.

The Base unit, RF and Control cables are seperately calibrated using 17025 calibrated (Traceable) test equipment.

As per TEC / Term Cell the EMF Meters must only be calibrated by OEM or an Accredited Lab. (Document No: TEC/TX/GR/EMI.001/02/SEP.2011 Para 2.6).

BNNSPEAG is now accredited with National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratories, India (NABL) for SAR measurements of Mobile Phones as per ISO 17025. The Accreditation is effective from 15 Apr 2013 and has been renewed upto 11 August 2018.

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